June 29, 2014

Social Media Day 2014 at Davao

The Official poster for the Social Media Day 2014
The Davao Bloggers logo
Last June 28, 2014, we celebrated the Social Media Day 2014 at the Mam Bebs Bakeshop. As I quote, "Mashable launched the event in 2010 as a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. Each year, thousands of people organize hundreds of meetups across the globe. From Australia to the Philippines, all the way to Sri Lanka and Morocco, countries come together every June to participate in this global movement."

Sharing their GBG stories

While the program is going on.
The awesome people
One of my bestfriends, Leamie and I.
My buddy, Carl Angelo.
My sister and I

A selfie with the Davao Bloggers logo.
I had a chance to invite my friends and meet new people. It was a fun night. Thanks for the sponsors namely Davao Bloggers, Krispy Kreme, Smart and My Skin Origins.

Photo courtesy of Natalie Jill Lim
If you want to be updated, the official hashtags are #GBGDavao #DavaoBloggers #JoyInABox #LiveMore #MySkinOrigins #Smday2014 #Smdaydavao #Smday


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  2. Wow. This is so cool. How do you find these events? I want to join. I found you on blogs ng pinoy. Would you like to follow each other?

  3. the event looks interesting! thanks for sharing.


  4. Wow this is very interesting... I hope there are also events like this here in our place... I want to join in this kind of circle...

    ~" A Probinsiyana's blog "~



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